Monday, October 20, 2014

Guest Blogging: International Quilt Festival, Chicago & SAQA

Today I am a guest blogger on the Bella Crafts Quarterly Blog. I am sharing information regarding my experience earlier in June at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, Illinois. I'm also sharing information regarding Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). Hope you will check it out, and check out the other creative posts! There are some fun crafts tutorials posted there. Also, if you are interested in Guest Blogging for Bella Crafts Quarterly, you can send them an inquiry, with a link to your current blog.

Happy Monday and Happy Creating!

Denise Buchwalter-Losczyk

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Creative Tools

I recently stopped by the Blick Art Supply store to pick up a new Sewing stylus, which I use for guiding fabric through the sewing machine. I had purchased one previously, but it has migrated and I haven’t located it. I believe it is hanging out in one of my project boxes. I hate to buy duplicates, but decided to make an exception this time. Shown is the new stylus I purchased, and some other tools I found in the store: A Susan Bates Weaving Needle, from the Crafts section, and other tools from the Ceramics section of the store. The stylus is a double ball stylus, with a wooden handle.

On the back of the Stylus package it lists uses for the tool: “embossing paper, card stock, stencils, metals & foils, painting dots & designs on any surface, and making dot impressions & fine line work in any type of clay or modeling material.” The other 2 plastic tools are ceramic modeling tools, but I plan to use them for finger pressing fabric, as an additional stylus, and possibly use the one with the pointed end for making marks on scratchboard, or foils. The prices were very affordable, the double-ended stylus cost $2.49, the weaving needle was $1.39, and the other ceramics modeling tools were $.79 each (before my 10% member discount). You can definitely save money on sewing tools by checking out the art supply store (or any other type of store) for alternative tools to ones found in the sewing stores or catalog.

I have been working on a new wall quilt project. I’ve included a glimpse of it. I don’t want to show too much of the design, because I plan to enter it into shows. Some shows exclude you from entering, if you have previously displayed the work on a blog or website. My project has piecing in the background, and machine applique on top. I hope to add lots of embellishment.
I had to tear out some of the applique recently after a false start (my sewing tension was off), and I used a new seam ripper I had purchased. It is from Havel’s and it is wonderful! It is very sharp, so you must be mindful when using it. I was amazed at how quickly and easily I was able to remove the applique stitches. I’m now less apprehensive about making a mistake, since it makes the ripping out much easier. Glad I discovered this tool!

So…keep your eyes open for new tool discoveries, and be open to new ways of using the tools you may already have. Have a fun Tool Hunting Safari!

Happy Creating,
Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

Links for Resources:

Havel's Sewing,

Blick Art Materials,
From back of Stylus package:
From back of Susan Bates Weaving needle:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pattern Sale!

Happy October!

It is starting to feel like the start of the Holiday Season - though some places have already begun advertising for Christmas sales. There is still time to make Holiday gifts, and if you don't finish them you can save them for next year. (I've done that before...)

There is a great sale going on this month on  All seasonal epatterns are 20% off. You can save on all patterns listed under the Sewing/Holiday and Seasonal Patterns category , and also under Quilt Patterns/Holiday and Seasonal Quilts.

Find projects to decorate your home for the holidays, or to give as gifts. My Yo-Yos Cubed Pincushion & Ornaments pattern can be found under the Sewing/Holiday and Seasonal Patterns, so it is part of this sale! Use code HALLOWEEN14 to save 20% off when you check out.

A direct link to my pattern is

Have fun creating and getting ready for your holiday celebrations,

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk