Monday, January 24, 2022

Update on Tumbler Quilt in progress


One project I have been working on is my colorful Tumbler quilt. It is an improvised Tumbler Quilt (tumbler is the name of the one-patch quilt block). 

A little history of this quilt project: I cut out the tumbler shapes with Accuquilt Go Cutter and tumbler die. Then I played with an arrangement of cool and hot fabrics, which were cut from 5-inch square charm packs, including Tula Pink solids, Island Batiks, some batiks I've had for years (and don't know the manufacture name), Connecting threads batiks and dot patterns. I really enjoyed combining solids and some patterns with the batiks.

It is still in progress, I completed the inner quilting on my Qnique 14+ mid-arm machine. I'm very happy with the machine quilting. Before going to the machine, I practiced and created some small drawing/design ideas in a sketch book. 

Paisley Quilting Design
Quilt Design - Clouds
that run into each other

This was a great starting point, once I started quilting I was able to create variations of the initial designs, and even improvised some while quilting! I quilt with my right hand, and steady my left hand on my ruler base, and use it for holding my quilting ruler when needed. I find it is easier than quilting with two hands on the machine.

Quilting Detail 1

Quilting Detail 2

Quilting Detail 3

I plan to hand quilt on the border, using larger quilting stitches. I started some of this while it was on the frame, but I may re-do my initial hand quilting a bit. Decided to hand quilt the rest off the frame, so I can use the machine for another quilt. It is an improvised quilt, so I may add applique, or other embellishments after it is quilted too, we will see how it goes!

In process Tumbler quilt with center machine quilted.

I used Wonderfil Invisafil 100 weight, polyester thread on the top and in the bobbin. I may try Wonderfil DecoBob 80 weight polyester thread next time for the bobbin. I also used Hobbs 80/20 Wool/cotton batting. I was able to get good tension results, which can be challenging at times!

For the hand quilting I am using mostly my Sulky Blendables 100% cotton threads. Making good use of my thread collection!

Hope you enjoyed this update!


Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Happy New Year 2022, and First Sewing project finished in the New Year!

Happy 2022!

I didn't get much posting done last year, so will try to share some of what I'm working on this year and will be show and telling some projects from last year too!

I don't have any firm resolutions this year, I like to think of every day as a new beginning! Though, I do like seeing the seasons go by, and celebrating each year. It is important to focus on the good things in our life as the years go by.

First sewing project finished in the New Year!

Bag made using Sally Tomato Aurora Bag Pattern

I participated in the Sulky and Sally Tomato New Year's Eve Sew-a-long on December 31, 2021. I was able to start the Aurora Tote Bag project during the Sew-a-long, and then finished it in the following week sewing with the recorded video from the event. You can find the sew-a-long on their website,, in their education section.

It was a fun project. You could either order the Aurora Bag kit or use your own materials. I chose to use some Cork fabric, lining fabric and mask filter batting I had on hand for the project. I ordered canvas fabric and purse hardware on-line. 

I Made This Patch on bag

Lining of Bag with pocket

Bag Zipper with tab
Other 2 patches included with the pattern

I ended up using a zipper from my supply stash, as the zipper tape I found online (not very expensive one) was not of great quality. I will use it for embellishing projects! The zipper in my stash was a little shorter than the one in the pattern, so I just added a bit longer tab on it, it matched the light blue in my fabric perfectly!

The project includes badges you can embroider on your machine. It was a good way to try out the process on my embroidery machine. I embroidered on cork fabric for the first time. I really enjoyed working with the cork. I had won a package of cork to sew with from a while ago, and this gave me the opportunity to try it out! 

I may have to order some more cork fabric in the future! I have read that it is very durable. This was my first sew-a-long with Sulky, and it was fun!

Wishing you all the best this year! Healthy, Happy, Creative and Safe New Year!

Many Blessings,

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk