Sunday, March 9, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

I hope to share my creative work, thoughts and inspiration here, and also encourage others to be inspired to create.

A little about myself - I have been creating artwork all of my life (even before I knew what it was!) It is in my nature to create - something I do without realizing I am doing it sometimes! I currently enjoy creating textile art and sharing my work by exhibiting at quilt shows and entering contests. Some of my most rewarding experiences, though, have been when I've created artwork and shared it with family and friends. In 2012, I completed a long promised wall quilt and presented it to my sister at a family gathering. It had just been displayed at the 2012 Wisconsin Quilt Expo - but I was rewarded even more when showing it to family members - many were experienced quilters and they appreciated the work, design and stitching that had gone into the creation of the quilt. It was a joy sharing it with them and my sister loved the wall hanging, too. The quilt is a log cabin design, and had been promised to her several years before, when we picked out fabric together to use in making the quilt - my design skills improved and I was finally able to design and create the right quilt for her. I used additional blue and orange fabrics in the quilt, which I remembered were one of her favorite color combinations.

How do you share your creative work? Here are some photos of the quilt, Patti's Log Cabin Garden:


I hope you will endeavour to share your work - you will inspire others with the beauty of your own creations!

More of my artwork can be viewed on my website at:

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