Friday, October 9, 2015

Holiday God's Eye Gift Tag Ornaments

Thought I would share some photos of the Holiday Gift Tag Ornaments that I am working on this year. I plan to include them in some of my Holiday cards. My design this year includes God's Eye weavings made from toothpicks and perle cotton thread, no glue required!

I started making the God's eyes by holding 2 toothpicks together  in my hands in a cross shape. I used a long length of cut perle cotton thread to weave around the cross shape. To start weaving hold the tail of the thread in the back of the design, against the bottom of the center toothpick. Wrap the thread around the bottom toothpick once, and then to the right or left (choose the direction you are most comfortable with wrapping in), and over and around the adjacent toothpick. Continue wrapping around the cross shape, being careful to line the threads up next to each other. If the wrapping doesn't look neat or right to you, just unwrap a bit, and start over.

God's Eye Holiday Gift Tag Ornaments in process.

Tips: I used flat toothpicks for this project, they may be a little easier to hold together, versus round toothpicks. Also, variegated thread is great to use, as it creates its own striped design, when wrapping, without having to change threads. I like starting with a light piece of thread at the center, it helps draw attention to the center of the design.

I plan to sew the God's eye weavings to gift tags which I purchased earlier this year from Craftsy during one of their sales. They are nice with gold glitter already applied to the bottom edge of the tags. I will add a little extra decoration to the corners, something simple. I' ll post an updated photo once they are complete.

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You can find out more about God's Eyes in this Wikipedia article:

They are very meditative to create, and a great introduction to the weaving craft. According to the Wikipedia article they have been created by the Ancient Pueblo people and are made as a blessing and a part of celebrations. Check out the article to find out more! Also, if you search on, you will find many examples of God's Eyes for sale, and some are very intricate and creative.

Happy Creating and weaving!

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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