Monday, April 8, 2019

Gardening and Apple Core Block project

Good Afternoon!

It has been busy here lately! Not so much with art and quilting, but we have been busy in the garden. Starting new seeds, and preparing garden beds.

Here is one of my favorite new things in our yard/garden:

Strawberry Pyramid - we ordered a kit from, though you can find it at other nursery sites and other catalogs, also. The kit came with the aluminum border, and with a hose sprinkler hook up. My husband put it together for us. (though I am the strawberry lover in the family!) 

This is an early photo, the strawberries have started to grow, and a few even have flowers. I'll post an updated photo later on. 

We put screening down first to keep the gophers out, then a layer of cardboard and mulch, to deter weeds. Then we purchased good soil to help the strawberries thrive. We planted an everbearing strawberry assortment of Eversweet, Ozark Beauty, Fort Laramie, and Quinault berries. I am excited about the Eversweet Strawberries, as they are said to do well in temperatures over 100. Hoping it will be a nice strawberry patch for years to come.

Strawberry Pyramid

Here is project that I started on, but have scrapped for the meantime! I cut the fabrics out using my Brother Scan n Cut DX electronic cutter. It is an Apple Core table runner. I used small blocks since I had 5 inch charm squares, with apple print designs that I wanted to use. The apple print fabrics were from Benartex, I included other fabrics to complement them. The blocks were small, so I had difficulty piecing them. (I will try piecing larger apple core blocks in the future, and that should be much easier!) I will most likely applique them to a background in the future to make a table runner. The pieces are living in my scrap box for now, until I feel motivated to pick them up again!  The block was one of the built in designs that came with the cutter. I do like how the fabrics look together.

Apple Core Patch Table runner project

Close up Apple Core Blocks

Fruit Tree Blossoms in our yard

Last is a photo of some tree blossoms in our yard. I can't remember if this is from our Almond or Fruit trees. Many are blossoming now! It is definitely feeling like Spring here!

Happy Spring to everyone! Hope you are enjoying warmer weather, and a nice Spring season.


Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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