Sunday, July 31, 2022

Using a Sashiko sampler to practice hand quilting


Hope everyone is doing well.

Today I'm sharing a photo of my completed Sashiko sampler. I purchased a kit to make it from They have a nice assortment of Sashiko kits, if you would like to give it a try. Also, they have wonderful content on their site. I am a member and there is always something new to watch, read and learn.

Completed Sashiko sampler with batting added between layers.

Close up of Sashiko sampler stitching, completed with 8 and 5 weight perle cotton.

I decided to use my sampler as a way to practice my larger stitch hand quilting for the border of the tumbler quilt,
 I have been working on.

I layered the sampler with Hobb's wool and cotton batting. (The Sashiko kit came with a printed cloth and a backing cloth.) I used some threads I wanted to try out for my quilt - DMC 8 weight perle cotton and ArtFabrik hand dyed 5 weight perle cotton. I like the way the contrasting thread weights look on the finished sampler.

It was a great way to warm up for hand quilting. Here are some photos of my hand quilting on the Tumbler quilt, in process.

For the hand quilting on my quilt, I decided to use HHLizbeth size 10 blue variegated thread, which I had in my thread collection - from (they have tatting supplies, this thread is great for tatting and crochet as well as quilting by hand). The pink variegated thread is DMC 8 weight perle cotton thread. I may add additional detail with the heavier Artfabrik thread later.

Hand and machine quilting detail

Hand and machine quilting detail

I will share an updated photo as I complete more of it!

Tip for hand quilting: This is an old trick I read about years ago - use a marker to mark the length of the hand quilting stitches you wish to make on the side of your non-quilting thumb. This can help you make even hand quilting stitches.

I haven't decided what to use the completed Sashiko sampler for. I may add embellishment or add on to it to make a larger project, or it might make a nice pillow front. We shall see how it goes! 

The sampler was very relaxing to work on, since you just stitch over the pattern, per the instructions. I may order some more!

Wishing you a fun time creating and many blessings,

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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