Saturday, March 4, 2023

Happy March and some exciting news!


I've been busy in my studio and haven't posted in a while, though I have shared some videos I have been watching on my blog. I like watching Sulky's Sew What? show and also Sewing Machines Plus shows on Youtube. They are a fun way to learn some new things and be connected a bit!

In November and December of last year (2022) I had 2 projects accepted by publications, so I was busy with that. The first project was for Love of Quilting magazine and the second one was for Quiltmaker magazine.

I just received the advance copy of the May/June Love of Quilting magazine, and the project I submitted looks great - I am also feeling inspired by their cover quilt on this issue! I will be writing a blog about it soon.

Here are some of my first projects of the year (I will write about the first one in this blog, and then follow up in a 2nd blog):

In January I worked on a New Year's Eve Sew Along project I participated in with It is the Sally Tomato Smith Tech Organizer. I was busy New Year's eve, but was able to start and finish the project in January. There was a kit available using Faux leather, but I chose to use cork for my project and I was able to use materials I had on hand for the rest of the project. With the project you get pdf instructions, a video you can access on (it is kept in your account so you can access it after completing the project, if you would like to make additional organizers).  The project price also came with 5 beautiful embroidery designs, which included 2 beautiful large butterfly designs. The designs are what convinced me to sign up! You can still access the event recording on the Sulky educational site at: It is listed under Special Events (scroll down!). 

Here are some photos of the project I made:

Closed organizer - I used one of the butterfly embroidery designs,
the monogram is from lettering on my Bernette B79 embroidery machine

Open organizer - The Enjoy the Journey embroidery is from the Sew Along, I added a hummingbird from designs on my machine, also some decorative stitching from my machine. I lined the inside of my organizer with purple cotton batik fabric. I also simplified the pocket on the right (in the pattern it is divided and has card slots). The right side has a sleeve for a tablet, the left has a zippered pocket.

View of the left side

View of the right side

Organizer without notebook inside. I used left over mask elastic for my elastic notebook holder. I braided the elastic to give it a nice look. (I had purchased a large supply, so now I am having fun repurposing it! It was on sale when I bought it!)

Closed organizer.

I'm looking forward to using this organizer. I plan to use it to hold a tablet and some writing and drawing supplies. It was fun to make. The project has very small seams (1/8 inches). I found marking the seam lines with a disappearing ink pen made it easier to sew them. The rest of the project is fairly easy and you just have to take your time to make it turn out nice, one step at a time! I liked participating for the feeling of accomplishment you get from trying something new.

There are many great educational offerings on the website, check them out to see what you can learn to do! Many are free or low cost offerings. There are also kits and great supplies available for the projects.

Happy 2023, Year of the Rabbit everyone!


Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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