Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Day 2 - 31 Day Blog Challenge 2020 - Sewing Space


Today's Blog subject in the #31DayBlogChallenge2020 is Sewing Space. I am very happy to have a wonderful Studio space, which I use for sewing, quilting, and also designing and other creative endeavors. I also spend time designing on the computer a bit in our home office. (Then there is knitting in front of the TV at night!)

I haven't always had a big space to create in. Though, I've always made room for creating. As a teenager I would sew on my mom's older machine, and draw and paint in our basement space (putting away materials between creating). 

When I lived alone I would create anywhere in my living space. Usually a small table in the living room, and one time in my kitchen. After marrying, my husband made sure I always had a room to create in. 

Any space will do to create in, and if you have to you can always have a portable space. It is wonderful to have a room or space to call your own, but don't let limitations of space limit your creativity! Find a portable project you can work on - perhaps a small hand sewing project, a drawing journal, a lap desk to set your project on while working. A small basket for holding supplies is nice when your space is portable. I often hand sew at night in the living room, keeping my supplies in a small container or basket.

Enjoy your space (however big or small) and create!

Happy Creating!

- Denise Buchwalter-Losczyk

You can visit my Instagram page at @dblosczyk, to see additional photos of my creations, and some of my studio space, if you like!

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