Sunday, December 6, 2020

Day 3 and 4 - 31 Day Blog Challenge 2020 - My Machine and Favorite Tools

 I've decided to combine Day 3 and 4 of the #31DayBlogChallenge2020. I have a new sewing machine to write about, which is currently my new favorite tool.

I do have more than one machine - some have their own purpose, so they are not used all of the time: Elna Needle felting machine, Brother Serger, Brother PQ1500 Straight Stitch machine, Qnique 14+ Mid Arm Quilting Machine, and Pfaff 2134 Sewing and Embroidery machine.

Late last year my Pfaff machine had trouble with its top tension. It is an electronic machine, so I needed to take it to an authorized dealer to repair the top tension. 

It is a bit of a drive to the nearest authorized dealer(s), and you have to drive over the mountains. We planned to go in February, but the weather was rainy, and we decided to wait. Then the pandemic came, and we are waiting longer.  In the meantime, I realized my embroidery machine software needed to transfer designs to the machine doesn't work with Windows 10. So...I decided to look for a sewing/embroidery machine that I can use now.

I decided on the Bernette B79, after looking at all the great features of the machine. It has all the features of my older Pfaff machine and my Brother PQ1500 straight stitch machine combined! Also, I found you could open the machine and clean and oil it yourself, following instructions in the manual. No need for frequent trips to maintain the machine! It also came with many added accessories, some that I had to pay extra for years ago with my older machine. 

Here are the features that are like my other machines (combined):

More space under the needle for sewing - about 9 inches
Knee lift
Built in IDT (Integrated Dual Feed Technology) - like having a built in walking foot
Included table for expanding the sewing space.

The machine also has features that are like the more expensive Bernina machines.

Different features that I noticed from the expensive machine was a top loading bobbin, rather than a bottom loading bobbin. I actually like that feature! My other machines have the bottom bobbin, which would be nice for bobbin embroidery, but the top one is nice, easy to adjust just the top tension, and I now use an 80 weight thread (Wonderfil DecoBob thread) in the bobbin, which works very nicely. It takes Class 15 bobbins, and I was able to order some pre-wound bobbins that are excellent.

A nice assortment of feet are included - I did purchase an extra set of feet, it was very economically priced compared to my older Pfaff machine. The feet are a very high quality also and work with the Dual Feed Technology (IDT).

Instead of going on about the great features - here is a link to the Sewing Machines Plus store where I bought my machine. I was able to order it on line, they also have excellent customer service. Also, a link to the Bernette site where you can read about the machine.

Bernette B79 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (

bernette 79

So that is it! My new machine, and current favorite tool!

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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