Sunday, December 16, 2018

Another Busy Day! - Day 16 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Good evening!

It has been another busy day - not too much time today for creating. Cleaned house, took shells off of pecan nuts (they were already cracked), and prepared a couple of boxes and cards for mailing.

The days often go by quickly, and not every day becomes a creative one. I believe you need life experiences in order to create, so in that sense it was a very good day.

Below is a photo of some ornaments I made and gave as gifts for the holidays a few years ago. (I was able to send them with my greeting cards.) I didn't create anything new for the season this year, but I may make it to my studio, and create some holiday themed items in January. It would be a good way to extend the season.

Still have to bake a few cookies! I usually end up baking a couple of things after admiring all the photos and recipes online and in magazines. I think admiring everyone's creativity is the fun part.

Machine and Hand Needle-felted ornaments made with wool roving,
acrylic felt, embroidery, buttons and beads.

Happy Holiday Season!

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk


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