Thursday, December 27, 2018

Pincushions in my Studio - Day 27 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Pincushions are one of those items that just multiply at times. Here are some of mine to share with you today (there are a couple more!).

Group photo: 2 top pincushions are from my early sewing days, 
the velvet tomato is very faded! Star pincushion on left I made 
from a pattern and gave several as gifts. Poodle on right is my first 
pincushion I hand sewed it in Brownies, when I was seven.

Faded Velvet Tomato Pincushion

Close up of Hand-stitched Poodle

Another view of my original pincushions.

I love these pincushions made in China. They are beautiful
 designs. They were purchased either in Chicago,
 San Francisco or New York. The large red one was 
a find at a thrift sale. 

These wrist pincushions aren't quite as 
visually exciting, but very useful.

They do seem to multiply! Sometimes they follow you home, they are fun to design and make, and useful too.

How many do you have? I know I can always find ways to use them, and they are fun to display.

Pincushion Blessings,

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk


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