Monday, December 31, 2018

Challenge Completed! - Day 31 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Hooray! I've made it through the #31DayBlogWriting Challenge. 

It was definitely a bit of a challenge, though I did prove to myself that I can easily blog more often on a regular basis. I plan to commit to blogging at least once a week for this year, and most likely beyond! It is good practice for writing, and also a nice way to collect your ideas and share your work with others. 

Thanks again to Cheryl Sleboda of for setting up this event. You can visit the blogs of the other participants in the challenge by going to

It has been snowing here today, something that doesn't happen very often in our part of the country! Here is a little photo of the Pecan tree in our yard with snow. I have been working on a little quilt with a drawing of our tree, called Pecan Tree in winter (title may change once completed!). I started it last year, but may have to add "snow" to the image now! 

Pecan tree with Arizona snow!

As promised here are some images of the Angelina Fibers I have been working with. I have had it in my art supplies for a long time (years!), and got it out to use on my little "Heat it Up!" Reader Challenge quilt.

Angelina fibers before fusing. A non-stick pressing sheet is used 
to protect the iron when fusing.

Angelina Fibers enclosed in non-stick pressing sheet.

Angelina Fibers after pressing - the fibers stick to themselves and 
form a sheet of fabric, which has an iridescent quality. You can cut 
up the sheet to use as embellishments, or to 
create appliques to use on a larger project.

Fused sheets of pink and lime green Angelina Fibers 
on a blue paper background.

Detail of fused fibers - I combined pink with 
another color to get a mixed result.

Angelina Fibers used as a sewed on embellishment 
on my little quilt (in the middle of the photo).

You can find a lot of information on how to use Angelina Fibers on the internet by searching for Angelina Fibers. I still need to do some more experimenting. I enjoyed working with them, though they are a little messy. The fibers are a bit static in the dry air and want to stick to your clothing a bit! They were fun to fuse and use for embellishing. The fibers change color somewhat when you fuse them. They won't fuse to other surfaces (paper or fabric), so you need to glue them or sew them in place. 

I have read that you can use them with needle-felting, and they can be mixed in with roving. I like to machine and hand needle-felt, so I will most likely try that next.

A quick search found many places to purchase Angelina Fibers, so you can definitely comparison shop for them. I will order some more in the future, they are fun to work with.

Happy New Year 2019, and Happy Creating in the year ahead!


Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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