Friday, December 14, 2018

Embellishments - Buttons - Day 14 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Today I am resharing one of older blogs: 

After hearing that it was bad for old buttons to store them in jars, (from Jill Gorski, in Episode 1204: Songs, Stories, and Buttons, on I moved most of my button collection (accumulation!) to an antique type setting tray I have.

Button collection in type setting tray
A sampling of my accumulation of buttons - intended for use as embellishments - I need to get busy embellishing!

 I've started using my buttons more often as embellishments in my projects. It is hard to resist a good old button.

Pearl buttons and buckles from a Muscatine, IA button factory
Pearl buttons and buckles from a Muscatine, IA button factory.
One of my aunts gave me several small pearl buttons to use - at the time I planned to make dolls and use the buttons for doll clothing, but now most of the buttons are finding their way onto my wall quilt and textile projects. The pearl buttons come from Muscatine, Iowa, and were from the button factories which had closed down. They once made pearl buttons from clam shells sourced from the Mississippi river there. I have always loved the pearl buttons.

Here is a photo of buttons I bought recently (this week!):

New Buttons!
I couldn't resist the small parrott buttons - looking at the large assortment of buttons at my  fabric store, I know I could get into some serious trouble "collecting" buttons! I will have to limit my button excursions there.

I have usually only purchased used or old buttons (some are old and still unused on button cards) from thrift, antique stores and garage sales, though I can see there are many beautiful new buttons available now.

You can also buy great button assortments for embellishing your projects - one of my favorite catalogs is Home Sew, Inc., and Newark Dressmaker Supply. They have a great assortment of other sewing notions and supplies, as well. Their website is:

1970s children's animal buttons - plastic
If you are looking for inspiration for a project, you could design a quilt to display your favorite buttons - or use your buttons to add special embellishments to your projects.

I have an assortment of Cracker Jack toys I've collected, that I've thought would be nice displayed on a quilt, but that is a topic for another day...

                                                      1970s animal buttons from a good friend - I used them on a sweater, now they are waiting to be repurposed - too cute to throw away!

Assortment of old buttonsCelluoid buttons
A few more buttons from my collection - and some Celluloid buttons.

Happy Friday!

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk


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