Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fabric Giveaway to check out! Henry Glass Fabrics - Day 11 - #31DayBlogWritingChallenge

Good evening,

It is Day 11 of the #31DayBlogWritingChallenge. It has been a busy day, so I'm just now getting to writing.

As an artist, I love entering creative challenges. They entice me, if it a challenge around a theme, the theme will often give me ideas for creating a project. It is a fun starting place and a great way to get started creating a new project. 

I sometimes enter fabric challenges, and the fabric inspires the design which I create. The design of the fabric can be a great way to begin creating too.

I also like entering contests to win prizes, and I have been lucky to win a few. 

Henry Glass Fabrics has a fun Fabric Giveaway starting tomorrow, which you may want to check out. It is 12 days of fabric prizes starting on 12/13/2018. You can check it out here: http://henryglassfabrics.blogspot.com/2018/12/

The Henry Glass Blog also sponsors the monthly "Desire to Inspire" Challenge, which you can enter, and if chosen you receive fabric for that month and in exchange create sewing or quilting projects to be featured on their Blog, the following month. I have done the Challenge twice, and it is alot of fun. You can design your own project (I designed a table runner and a quilt, and mug mats.) or you can use patterns to create a project or projects from the fabric. Check it out and have fun challenging yourself!

Until tomorrow!

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk

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