Monday, December 24, 2018

One of my favorite fabric sources and a sale - Day 24 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

(Please note - this is not a sponsored post, just shopping information I am sharing!)

Today I am sharing one of my favorite online places to purchase fabrics. I know many sewers and quilters prefer to purchase their fabric in person at a store, but for me that hasn't always been that easy a task.

Currently I live in a small town, miles away from fabric stores. I personally don't drive, so I like the feeling of independence in ordering my fabric online. Even when I lived in a large city there were a surprisingly small number of fabric stores in the city, let alone near where I lived. I would visit the ones I could and see what was available, but I often had to order fabric through catalog and online.

My favorite online fabric store, especially for quilting fabric, is They have a large assortment of fabrics available, so if you can't find a fabric locally you can often find it on their site. 

My favorite feature on their site is their online design board. You choose the fabrics you like, then place them on the design board. You can view and compare the swatches together and get an idea how the they will work together in a sewing project or quilt. It is a very useful tool and also great fun. (I also use it to make purchasing decisions, so I don't go over my fabric budget!)

I often feel overwhelmed by the multitude of fabric choices in a store or even online, and the design tool makes it much easier to choose fabrics.

I haven't been able to purchase as much fabric lately, and I do have a large stash to work with, but even when I can't buy I like browsing their site.

EQuilter also gives a percentage of your purchase to charity. You have the option to choose among various charities when you check out your shopping cart.

My favorite time to shop is during their clearance sales, which are usually around a holiday. (Though they always have a clearance category you can check out.) Right now there is a year end clearance sale, so if you would like to purchase quality fabric (most cotton quilting fabric, but there are other fibers as well) at a great price, check out their sale at

Happy shopping, browsing and quilting,

Denise Buchwalter-Losczyk


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