Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Studio Decorations and a Fun Ottoman project - Day 12 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Today I'm sharing some photos of black and white accents I have added to my studio. I like the way black and white works with all the other colors, so it is almost like a neutral to add to your studio décor.

This all started when I discovered a black and white ironing board cover my local Marshall's. 

Black and white ironing board cover with resident irons and steamer:
from left, my older Rowenta, Oliso I-touch, Clover mini iron, 
steamer, and vintage toy iron. I use the Oliso I-touch Iron most often.

I later found a black and white box, (also at Marshall's) which I now use to store textile paints, and also a black and white over the door organizer, which I now use in my office closet. 

Black and white box, used to store textile paints.

I recently wanted to add a foot stool to my reading corner in my studio, to make it a bit more comfortable. I had the idea that perhaps I could make my own, so I did a Google search, and found a pattern and instructions for a fabric ottoman on the HGTV Blog. Check the bottom of my post for a link to the HGTV Blog post by Michelle Edgemont with the pattern and instructions.
This was a very fun project to make. I used fabrics from my stash. In retrospect, I would have purchased new solid black fabric, since the solid black fabric I had in my stash was a little thin. I plan to replenish my stash with a higher quality fabric for later use.
My reading corner with the new ottoman and a little mini quilt I made for the top.

I was able to complete this project in one weekend. It is very easy to sew. The fun part is stuffing it, the instructions suggest stuffing with old textiles you have on hand. A search of our closets followed with findings of old pillow cases, a shirt, and other various textiles. I added polyester stuffing and an older unused polyester quilt bat to fill the ottoman out. 

I also later made a little mini quilt to set on top of the ottoman. This is to rest my feet on, so it limits the amount of dirt that gets on the ottoman (since it is not really machine washable). Easier to wash the mini quilt, than the whole ottoman! I hope to use it for many years! However, it would not be too difficult to sew a new one, and the stuffing could be reused. 

Here are more photos of the results:

Ottoman without the cover.

Ottoman with mini quilt cover.

Reverse side of Mini quilt cover (I also like purple!)

Here is the link to the instructions, by Michelle Edgemont on the HGTV blog:

Give the project a try! It is a lot of fun to make, and also not too time-consuming.

I hope to add additional black and white accents to my studio in the future, I will share an update in the future!

Happy Creating in your space,

Denise A. Buchwalter-Losczyk


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